December 2

Santa Hats

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To capture the spirit of the season, the pups have new Santa hats. These adorable creations are from Acme Couture. Freedom agreed to model.

Freedom:  Do I have to model our new hats? Why can’t Casper or Nikki model?

Me:  Casper & Nikki are sleeping, and you look  particularly adorable.

Freedom:  I don’t believe you. I think you just…WHAT IS THAT WHITE THING!?!

Me:  Now hold still. How about a profile shot?

Me:  That’s nice. Now let me move over and get a different angle.

Freedom:  Are we almost done?

Me:  Almost. Quit looking out of the corner of your eye.

Freedom:  I can’t help it, I’m a greyhound; I have a 270° field of vision…WHAT’S THAT WHITE THING!?!

Me:  Okay, I think everyone has a good idea what the new Santa hats look like.

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