October 4

School Memories Album – Part 1

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Last month, I spent four weeks agonizing over my inability to do anything with my photos.  I came up with a plan to start small and do an 8″ x 8″ album of “School Memories.”  I choose this topic because:

1.  I have a limited amount of pictures and memorabilia.

2.  It has a very distinct timeline.

This week I gathered up my photos and memorabilia.


What I kept:

  • School pictures (individual and class)
  • Report cards
  • A few snapshots that have meaning to me
  • Newspaper clippings
  • School programs that I have distinct memories of
  • School papers (my first full length story, poetry, creative writing)
  • Graduation invitation & cards
  • Booklets that have information on the history of the schools I attended

What I got rid of:

  • Duplicate school pictures
  • Snapshots that were blurry or didn’t have any significance to me
  • School programs of events I have no memory of
  • School papers that don’t have any meaning to me (tests, a report on the planet Mercury, drawings that I don’t remember doing)
  • Cards that weren’t important to me

I tried to keep in mind that I want to tell a story.  When I was going through my “treasures” I asked myself, “Does this support or add to the story I’m trying to tell?” 

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Gilbert K. Chesterton

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