July 28

Shake It Up

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I saw this list in the July 2012 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine…”four ways to shake up your routine – and pocket greater happiness.”  Some nice ideas to consider if you find yourself settled in your ways.

1.  Make a new friend.  As we get older, our social circles tend to shrink.  Making new friends is a great way to break out of a rut.

2.  Upgrade your style.  Settling for the same look year after year can leave you looking and feeling tired.  Step outside your comfort zone by getting a fresh haircut or donning a colorful scarf.  It will give you a shot of confidence that brightens your entire outlook.

3.  Pursue a second career.  The profession you chose at 22 doesn’t have to last you through retirement.

4.  Adopt a tricky hobby.  Acquiring skills can soothe stress and sharpen thinking.

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Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?

Sun Tzu

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8 Responses to " Shake It Up"

  • houndstooth says:

    I like those suggestions! Sometimes something small can make a huge difference!

  • Number 2 would be difficult for a person who’s mostly worn jeans and birkenstocks since she was 16. I did colour my hair red for a while.

  • We LOVE your blog! We’re a bit behind with reading all our favourite blogs so we just all read your latest posts. Some great ideas and quotes. Love the bottle you are making. We bought a lovely Buddha for our garden yesterday. He’s living in the garage temporarily while we decide where his permanent home should be.

    Love and licks and hopes for a peaceful weekend

    Winnie the Greyhound

  • SUCH good advice! I have found that changing style and taking up challenging hobbies is a wonderful way to keep the sparkle going in life. Making new friends is a lovely thing to do, too, but I’m very lazy about that – partly because I hate talking on the phone!

  • Sue says:

    Good ideas.

    Love the quote.

  • fern reed says:

    So very happy to hear you are getting a Whole Foods Market!!! I can’t see what I am typing so sorry about the type–O”s I wish we were!!
    My daughter-in-law has one just down the street from her, she shops everyday for the freshest!!!
    I value your friendship so very much!!!! Thank you for it!!!!!!
    I try to come to one blog a post and Yours was this post so here I am!!
    Great advise in your post.
    Thanks so much for your visits!!!

  • Penelope says:

    I Love those!
    Thanks for sharing
    Nellie’s Mom

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