July 21

SHED – Part 6

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I’m working my way through the book SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Julie Morgenstern.

Small SHED

SHED - (Separate the Treasures, Heave the Trash, Embrace Your Identity, Drive Yourself Forward)

When I first saw this book, I immediately thought of my “stuff,” but SHED’ing involves more than that. There are three areas where you work the SHED process…physical space, time and bad habits.

When you’re ready to examine how you use your time, you begin by identifying your roles, responsibilities, commitment and tasks. Which ones are depleting your energy rather than fueling it? After making those identifications, Julie asks you to stop and examine why you made those commitments in the first place. Her contention is that unless you understand why you assumed the roles and made the commitments, you are at risk of replacing them with others of a similar nature.

So what is your attachment to these roles and commitments? Burdensome commitments make their way onto our calendars and to-do lists in three ways:

Obsolete need – Made sense when you first took on the responsibility, but now it isn’t relevant.

Right impulse, wrong activity – It seemed like it would fulfill a meaningful need in your life, but it is draining and the wrong activity.

Insecurity – Sometimes you take on things because of your own insecurities.

SHED - Part 6

Once you’ve identified your attachment to the commitment, you can better choose how to eliminate it. Julie gives you tips on how to proceed.

Delete - Cease your commitment to the task, responsibility or role altogether.

Delegate – Assign the task or responsibility (or some part of it) to someone else.

Do it (but diminish the task) – If there is no escaping the task, responsibility or role, figure out a way to do it smarter and faster.

For myself, I don’t have a lot of roles and commitments that I need to eliminate or diminish. My biggest challenge has to do with tasks I’ve set for myself. I’m reviewing my to-do list. One task my husband and I eliminated from our to-do list is mowing the grass. Neither one of us enjoyed it or wanted to do it. After years of fussing over it, we decided to hire someone to do it. It costs us money, but we decided it was worth it because it ensures that it is done regularly and nicely, and we don’t fight over it. In this instance, we delegated the task.

As with all the books I work my way through, my blog posts only touch the surface of the material that’s presented in the book. I encourage you to checkout the book if it sounds interesting.

Oops…I promised a SHED of some “meaningful treasures.” I’ll have that for next week.

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12 Responses to " SHED – Part 6"

  • Sue says:

    I must admit because I like things done my way, when I worked I tended to do most things myself and only delegated when I was particularly busy.

    Since having the arthritis in my back which hinders my mobility, I have had to learn to let others do things. It isn’t easy, but I am thankful others are willing to help when I need it.

  • A bit of delegation never does any harm we say. Why not have someone else mow the lawn? More time to do other things. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  • urban hounds says:

    I am often bothered at work by colleagues who either refuse to delegate or who involve themselves in things that are not their area. Im a big believer in focusing on one things at a time. One colleague in particular spends so much time worrying about what her colleagues are doing with the students (we all work with mentally and physically challenged teenagers) that she fails to do her own job. I may need to get her this book

    urban hounds

  • I need someone to do everything at the moment, I have been sitting here 3 hours catching up on the blogs.. LOL I need a cleaner and a cook xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  • Madi and Mom says:

    Morning and thank you for this most interesting post.
    Mom is in the midst of shredding lots of things as she goes through my gpeeps house.
    hugs madi your bfff

  • Brian says:

    Well, we sure got lots of stuff we need to shed!

  • Hmm, that got me thinking. The only task I have that gives me stress sometimes is the blog. Writing it can sometimes be a chore. But then I work over that, and things are fine again. I am trying to not put pressure on myself, and that helps.

  • Fern Reed says:

    I need help too!! But everybody knows— no money to pay any one to do things so all that gets done around here is very little!!! With one very big exception! Food!! We both, Tom and I work really hard on that one!! We eat really healthy!!

  • Wish I could delegate all the bloody cooking, ugh!
    Lynne x

  • “Unstuck” The word mom always hear in her Bikram class. We’ve done lots of material shedding last year and it felt good. Wish you luck. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • Finn says:

    I can see it. Sometimes I take on a task because I think it is a good idea at the time and then it turns out not to be. Deleting mowing the lawn is a good one, for sure!

  • houndstooth says:

    Hmmm… I’m pondering where a few things fall into certain categories here! It’s good stuff to think about!

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