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Sprucing Up For Spring – After (Final)

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Back in April, I was in a slump.  I decided to do a little “Sprucing Up For Spring.”  I posted about my progress in May and now, since the first day of summer is June 21st; I figure I’d better wrap this up.  I didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but some “sprucing up” happened.

As a guide, I used an article I clipped years ago from Family Circle magazine called, “Rules of Arrangement: 12 Decorating Strategies.”  I took on 6 of the 12 ideas.  Here are the results:

1.  Count on color to dramatize a small area.



What I did: My living room is green, but this small wall is purple.  I replaced the velvet throw with a lavender knit throw.  I replaced the pillows TWICE (see below for the ones I had in May).  I like the scale of these better.  I also added a plant to the coffee table and cleaned out the bookcases.

What I still want to do: I’d like to re-upholster the couch; and as soon as I win the lottery, I’m going to jump right on that.

2.  Set up your living room for conversation and comfort.



What I did: The “after” picture is the same one I used for May’s update.  I’m getting rid of the two mismatched chairs and replacing them with ottomans.  I purchased the ottoman above, but I think the legs are too modern for the other furniture I have in the room.  I do like the animal print.  I found two ottomans online, but didn’t get them ordered fast enough and they sold out.  I found two more, but they’re double the price.  As soon as I quit buying sofa pillows for the sofa we never use, I’ll have enough money and can order the ottomans.

What I still want to do: I think an area rug would look nice and further define the area.

3.  Hang favorite art in harmonious multiples.



What I did: The first picture is what I see when I walk out of my bedroom…plain hallway wall.  I had a Simply Said party and this is one of the designs I received for being a hostess.  I like it and my husband said he likes it…GASP!  Usually he doesn’t notice things like this.  What if he notices the multiple couch pillow changes?!  I’ll be toast!

What I still want to do: I have a narrow hallway, so I think this is lovely and all I need.

4.  Choose an anchor for a mantel and all else will fall into place.



What I did: This area suffered from 7 years of adding more and more and more.  I cleared the mantel and replaced all the miscellaneous stuff with two simple plants.  I cleaned up the hearth and added some color with the ceramic pieces.

What I still want to do: I would love to add a bamboo mat to the hearth for summer.  Replacing the fireplace glass would be nice too.

5.  Mix and match pillows galore for easy add-in warmth.



What I did: I call my “before” picture, “a study in brown.”  I made four new pillows, added a new throw and replaced the side table lamp and shade.

What I still want to do: I want to replace the floor lamp.

6.  Turn a bookcase into an attractive all-around hold-all.

Before (Living Room)

After (Living Room)

What I did: On my husband’s bookcase, we removed a lot of books and added a display case of his military awards and medals.  On my bookcase, I removed a lot of books and added a family photo and vase of flowers.

What I still want to do: I’m pretty pleased with this redo.

Before (Family Room)

After (Family Room)

What I did: You’ll notice that there is no “after” of my husband’s bookcase because it looks exactly the same as it did two months ago.  On my bookcase, I removed a lot of books and knickknacks.

What I still want to do: Get my husband to clean his bookcase…patience, patience.

Here are the other 6 ideas I didn’t tackle:

7.  Think outside the bedroom box.

8.  Show off cherished photos in a cohesive grouping.

9.  Create impact with big, bold accessories in the same mood or color.

10-12.  Three no-fail ways to make a room bloom (flower arrangement ideas).


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