July 24

Road Trip Souvenirs


I love bringing home souvenirs to remind me of trips and special times. The road trip I took with my mom and one of my sisters was no exception. Here are the souvenirs I picked up that will remind me of this special trip for years to come.

From Shaker Village, Kentucky…a Shaker broom.

Shaker Broom

This broom was handmade by a craftsman. It’s even signed.

Signed Broom

This is a picture of Billy. Thank you, Billy. I will use and treasure this broom for years to come.

Shaker Village 9

From Juliette, Georgia…an old bottle (the one on the right).

Old Bottles

This is a new collectible for me. I love finding a bottle from the area I’m visiting. This one is from Forsyth, Georgia.

Georgia Bottle Detail

From Senoia, Georgia…handcrafted “walker” bits. These were made by Andrea Faye of Peachtree City, Georgia.

Zombie Pieces

What is your favorite souvenir to bring back from a trip?

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