March 7

The Artist’s Way…Midpoint Reflections

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I have been following The Artist’s Way for six weeks.  Before I go through the final six weeks, I would like to take a break and talk about some of the things that I feel I don’t convey in my short week-by-week summaries.

1.  The Artist’s Way is a deeply spiritual journey.  Much of our recovery deals with how we see God and how we “think” God see us.

2.  If you do nothing more than the morning pages and the artist’s dates, your creativity will expand.

3.  The readings are deep and thoughtful and make you reconsider so much more than my simple one or two line summary can hope to convey.

4.  Every week there are 10 or more exercises for you to choose from.  I only mention one or two exercises that I find helpful to my personal creative recovery.

Since starting The Artist’s Way, I have felt excited about what I have ahead of me.  I feel relaxed and peaceful about what I have ahead of me because I’m not going to try to control it.  I am open to whatever lies ahead.  I feel gratitude for a loving God and a blessed life.  I believe I have something unique and special to offer.  I believe I am an artist and God is thrilled!

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  • mel says:

    I know you are unique and have MUCH to offer. Thank you for sharing your journey and making yourself a bit vulnerable in the process…it is inspiring!

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