January 24

The Artist’s Way…Week 1 (Safety)

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The readings and tasks this week are about establishing a sense of safety so you can explore your creativity with  less fear.

I decided on some affirmations (positive statements of positive beliefs) that counteract my “censor” (that nasty, internal critic).  I spent some time on this because I wanted the affirmations to be short and specific so that I would actually use them.

My favorite tasks (and the most revealing) were to identify 3 old enemies/monsters to my creative self-worth;  write out one horror story from my “monster hall of fame”; then, write a letter in my defense.

Generally, I’m an easygoing and understanding person, so this series of tasks was fun because I could lay it all out and not be nice or understanding.  It actually helped me lighten the situation in my mind; allowed me to see the humor in the situation; and ultimately, allowed me to have a truer understanding of the situation.

I’m not sharing my personal stories with anyone.  That’s the most powerful aspect of this journey for me.  By keeping my work private, I have the freedom to be completely honest without having to explain or justify my feelings.  For now, that’s what makes me feel safe.

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