April 11

The Artist’s Way…Week 11 (Autonomy)

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The focus of Week 11 is examining ongoing ways in which we nurture and accept ourselves as artists.

“Acceptance” talks about our lives being our art.  We can’t let our lives stagnate or our art will show it.  We all have a different mix of what brings us stability and flow.  This “mix” includes such things as our income, our creative process, our homes, our appearance, our friends, etc.  It’s important for us to determine what works for us and not worry about what others think.  Our artistic credibility is between ourselves, God and our work.  “Success” talks about the idea that creativity cannot be perfected and finished; “…just when we get there, there disappears.”  This reminds me of last week’s reading on “fame” and the idea that the point of creativity is more creativity.  “The Zen of Sports” talks about moving into our bodies and out of our minds.  “Building Your Artist’s Altar” reminds us of the importance of keeping spiritually centered and how having a special place, filled with objects and words that remind us of our blessings and the things that we love and that inspire us, can help us remember that, “Our creativity is our gift from God.  Our use of it is our gift to God.”

My favorite exercises this week included taking seven pages in a notebook and writing each of these categories on a separate sheet:  health, possessions, leisure, relationships, creativity, career, and spirituality.  Then, list ten wishes in each area.  Instead of New Year’s resolutions, this may be a great exercise to perform each year!  I also enjoyed listing ten examples of personal synchronicity that support the possibility of a nurturing creative force.  I have been AMAZED at the wonderful people (old and new) and things (objects and opportunities) that have come into my life since starting on this creative journey.  For me, it is so important to recognize and record this synchronicity.  Recognizing it makes it miraculous, not recognizing it makes it meaningless.

This week reinforced many ideas that I feel quite comfortable with.  It also brought up an area in my life that I have ignored for a while…physical care and movement.  No excuses, this has to change.


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6 Responses to " The Artist’s Way…Week 11 (Autonomy)"

  • houndstooth4 says:

    I’m trying to get over that last hump myself, and it’s easier said than done!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about a new creative outlet that I’ve come across, which is photography. I have another, less used and visited blog that I was using as an outlet for poetry and short stories, which I’ve neglected lately. I’ve recently started doing a photography project where there’s a new assignment each day, and I’m toying with putting some of those pictures up in my “creative space.” I guess it would be better than letting it just sit there collecting dust, and perhaps it will get me off my laurels and dabbling with those other things that I love and have neglected.

    I always love reading your musings on this subject!

    • lori says:

      I had forgotten about your Pink Sunshine blog! I remember visiting (and enjoying it) when I first started reading Tale and Tails. I’m a new “follower.” I’m just now attempting to organize my blog reading.

      What a neat photography project! Is it an internet challenge or did you find it in a book?

      It is interesting to me how having a special spot in the house inspires me just in itself; and having things in there that I love not only makes me want to work, it has had the additional benefit of making me feel so grateful for my life and all the living and learning to come. On a practical level, it gives me a place for my creative “messes.” That is huge!

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Aww, thanks! There should be a post up on it tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!

    It’s an online project. It’s called The Daily Shoot and it’s really cool to just see how other people interpret the assignment every day. I learned about it from another blog and she coaxed me for a couple of months to try it. I’m glad that I finally did, but it is hugely addictive!

    I had started a place and it was starting to look really cute in the attic, but hubby has cluttered it up a bit. It’s also not very comfortable up there in the summer or winter, but perhaps I could work on that, too. I know I’d feel better if I reclaimed the space. The only bad part is that the Greyhounds won’t join me up there. A lot of times, just having them around helps me to relax and go with my creativity. Having a place for my messes would be helpful, though! lol

    • lori says:

      I know what you mean about the “greyhound” presence. We joke that Casper is my blogging buddy because he comes and lays in his crate whenever I’m on the computer. I still do most of my “work” in the kitchen and dining room (of all places), but it’s SO nice to be able to scoop everything up and put it away in a place that makes sense. I’m also finding it cool to have a place to put things that have meaning to me, but that make no sense anywhere else in the house (like that giant picture of me as a little girl). I was lucky because I snatched this room after my daughter left for college. Now if I were trying to claim a space in the basement (my husband’s future “man cave”), I would have a whole different challenge on my hands.

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Well, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself because my creative space is almost completely reclaimed! We’re making a trip out today to get the curtains exchanged and then hopefully it will be pretty much done. Now I just have to work on getting Bunny to go up and down the steps. I think I can, since Morgan goes up and down them all the time with no trouble!

    • lori says:

      I am so thrilled for you! I have no doubt that Bunny with do well with the steps…I’ve seen your hiking photos! Congratulations!

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