February 14

The Artist’s Way…Week 4 (Integrity)

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This week deals with recovering a sense of integrity as we grapple with a new self-awareness and a changing self-definition.

The readings deal with honest changes that must be made if we are going to have integrity with ourselves and recover creatively.  The last section is titled “Reading Deprivation.”  My first thought was that this was going to encourage reading.  In fact, it put forth the idea that a period of no reading is very effective for unsticking a stuck life or art.  As an avid reader, I was shocked and angered by the whole idea.  As I continued reading, Julia Cameron (the author) stated that this idea can bring up enormous rage.  I guess she was talking to me.  As much as I hated the idea, I had to give it a try because I was so resistant to it.  I would go for 5 days and see what happened.  I failed on the third day.  I’m addicted to reading and I can see how I use it to avoid other tasks.  Although I didn’t make it through 5 days on the first try, I’m scheduling a 5-day period every month for reading deprivation.  I will eventually expand this to include television deprivation… but one step at a time.

My favorite exercises were a quick writing exercise to exposed buried interests and dreams and an exercise to describe myself at eighty along with a letter from my eighty-year-old self  to myself at my current age.

When I hear the word “integrity,” I immediately think about how I relate to others.  This week has focused more on my integrity to myself.  I had to look deep and examine whether I allow the inner me to exist and express itself as the outer me.  The principle is the same whether you’re thinking of integrity towards others or towards yourself…does the inside match the outside.

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  • Sherry says:

    I don’t know if I could make it five days without reading either. But it is amazing all the ways we have to distract ourselves.

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