February 28

The Artist’s Way…Week 6 (Abundance)

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This week deals with recovering a sense of abundance.

The reading “The Great Creator” asks us to examine our ideas about God and how we often see money as the source of our security instead of God.  This is about opening our minds to a different idea about our dependence and the generosity of our Creator.  “Luxury” was a wonderful section because it talks about what luxury truly is and how we, as artists, have to have it in our lives.  Luxury doesn’t have to cost money.  What gives us true joy…that is luxury!  Have you ever considered the “luxury” of time, space and those special things that are yours alone.

My favorite exercise was “Money Madness,” a quick writing exercise that allowed me to examine some of my attitudes about money.  A few surprises about my answers…many were childish, stereotypical and victim-oriented.  Looks like an area in my life that needs some thought and change.

This is not related to The Artist’s Way…The best information I have ever received regarding money is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  If you’re struggling or if you’re not, I believe you would find it extremely valuable to take this 13-week course.

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3 Responses to " The Artist’s Way…Week 6 (Abundance)"

  • Amy says:

    And then there is “sharing the wealth”… oh Miss Freedom can’t Mister Casper have a little bit too?! Very nice post and picture Lori! It is true that my greys give true joy, and that is a luxury money can’t buy.

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Oh how I love the luxury of time and space! You are so right!

    I have to laugh — we have a similar picture of Blueberry with a pile of toys. I have no idea how she got herself surrounded by them all!

    • lori says:

      Those are mine too…time and space. I always chuckle inside when I hear people talk about being bored. Not me!

      The photo was not “staged,” but I do know how the toys got there. My husband (bless him) wanted to vacuum the family room and Freedom was on her bed. He started picking up toys off the floor and tossing them on her. Yes, all those toys were scattered over the floor. Of course, as a greyhound owner, I know you’re not surprised at all. She just sat there, and when we saw how cute she looked, we scurried for the camera. I love how they love their toys!

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