June 11

The Best-Loved Doll

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With the kids out of school, all my books in June are some of my favorite children’s books.

This was my favorite storybook as a little girl.  It’s the tender story of a girl named Betsy who gets invited to a doll party and decides to take her best-loved doll.  When awards are passed out for “The Oldest,” “The Best-Dressed,” and the doll that can do the most things, Betsy’s doll doesn’t stand a chance.  But Betsy’s doll does win an award.  Can you guess what it is?

Perhaps my love of this story explains why “Love is Blind” by Bessie Pease Gutmann is one of my favorite pictures.

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  • houndstooth says:

    I remember reading this book, but I don’t think I had my own copy. Either I borrowed it from the library or my mom had a copy that I borrowed. I do remember loving that story!

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