January 29

The Ice Master

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Frigid January is the perfect time to read this book that tells the story of the 1913 Canadian Arctic Expedition.  An epic tale of exploration, adventure, endurance and for some, survival, it’s a tale of folly, pettiness, heroics and humanity.  This is nonfiction that reads like fiction.  Jennifer Niven makes the characters and their individual personalities and conflicts come to life.  Do you have a favorite nonfiction book that reads like fiction?

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2 Responses to " The Ice Master"

  • Beemaster says:

    If you like books about ice adventures:

    Endurance: Shakleton’s Incredible Voyage – About a journey to Earth’s other pole.

    North to the Night – About a couple who spend the winter near the North Pole in a concrete-hull yacht.

    • lori says:

      I do want to read about the Endurance. Arctic (and Antarctic) expeditions are incredible to me…especially on a night like tonight (Blizzard of 2011). Thanks for the recommendations, Kevin.

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