March 9

The Routine Police

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We have no need for Swiss precision timepieces or atomic clocks in our home.  We have Freedom and Casper who ensure our routines are followed.  This works brilliantly when we’re humming along and everyone is doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing at exactly the time they’re supposed to be doing it.  But if we decide to change the routine…shutter.  If the routine is broken, we are punished with anxious looks, pacing, stares, our every move being followed and them springing up whenever we budge.

Some routines are monitored by their mind-blowing internal clocks.  For instance…my husband (also pretty amazing in the internal clock department) gets up every morning between 5 am and 5:30 am… just wakes up.  One morning he made the mistake of feeding the houndies immediately after he woke up.  The next morning, he did the same thing.  The following morning, we were awakened with a bark from Freedom at 5 am.  Since he was going to get up anyway, he got up and fed them.  The next morning, the bark came at 4:50 am.  Well, we knew right away where this was going and we were going to stop it.  I mean, we are the smart ones, right?  It took about a week to readjust this routine.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to endure the stares and other greyhound intimidation techniques that my husband did to let them know that he was not going to feed them until 6 am.

Other routines are monitored by sights and sounds.  For instance… I start getting dressed for work around the same time every morning.  Putting on clothes, checking my purse, none of this gets a response.  What does it is the mascara.  When I open the drawer where I keep my mascara, I immediately (and I can’t stress enough the immediate part) hear the sound of dog tags and have two hounds peeking in the bathroom.  I didn’t realize it, but apparently I don’t wear mascara unless I’m leaving the house.  I don’t know how they figured it out, but they did.  Heaven help me if I every decide to look “cute” around the house on weekends.  I guess I’ll give up that dream for the sake of the houndies.

I don’t know if greyhounds are more driven by routine than other breeds because they’re raised in such a structured environment when they’re training and racing or if this is common to all dogs.  Maybe it’s just Casper and Freedom.  I’d love to hear any stories you have .

Just a note…I came up with my title, based on a funny post from my favorite blog Tales and Tails.  Check it out for more “police” action.

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5 Responses to " The Routine Police"

  • Melanie R says:

    Dogs and Cats are such ornery creatures aren’t they? If I snooze 1 too many times my cat will come in and MEOW loudly to let me know that he thinks it’s time to get up. (And no, I don’t feed him right when I get up) So I have NO idea why he cares. What’s it to him? lol.

  • Ellen says:

    Maybe I NEED to get a pooch to get me more into a routine 😉 Love reading your blog ea week day morning…

  • houndstooth4 says:

    Ha ha ha! I’m glad to share inspiration!

    Well, we have our little old lady who used to think that we should get up about ten minutes before the alarm went off. Now that we’re in the throes of canine dementia, she feels that the wake up call should come at 4:30 most mornings. She has managed to teach the two year old Shepherd that we need to be up fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off, too, so her legacy will live on long after she’s left us. Our dogs know the work day routine and the Saturday rountine, and they live accordingly! lol

  • Lavon K. says:

    Yes, our little Jac is so smart and has figured out what I do right before I leave the house. He sees me bring my purse downstairs and place it on the chair by the front door; he then waits for me to sit down and immediately sits on my lap as if to say, “you aren’t going anywhere”!! Of course, I make sure that I hold him for a few minutes and then I tell him that I am going bye-bye but I will be back. We do this every time I am going somewhere and he is fine while I am talking to him but as soon as I lean down to give him a hug, he growls at me….Jac never growls at mama EXCEPT when I am leaving. He also hears the alarm and then jumps on us until we get up, then runs to the door and looks up at his leash. Once we take him for his morning walk, he comes in the door and runs to the kitchen and stares at the shelf where his food is kept until we fix his breakfast for him. If for some reason I decide to do something else before I fix his breakfast, he will follow me everywhere I go and start talking to me until I get his food ready. (We put flaxseed oil on his food in the mornings to stop his skin from drying out and causing severe itching which is a problem most Jack Russells have.)

    • lori says:

      I know your little Jac and if anyone could train their human, it would be that little guy. If he couldn’t get you with his “smarts,” he’d get you with his cuteness.

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