January 5

Things To Help Me Focus

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I’ve taken the first several days of the New Year to think about some of the things I want to focus on in 2013. How will I keep track of things? I’m pretty low-tech, so I’ll be using:

Keeping Track Paper Calendar

1. Paper calendar – I’ll use this to keep track of my work schedule, appointments, and daily & weekly tasks.

Keeping Track Wall Calendars

2. Wall calendars – I just hung up 3 dry-erase calendars in my studio.  I’ll use these to keep track of my goals, my blog schedule and ideas that come up.

Keeping Track Journals

3. Journals – I’ll use these for planning and playing.

I’m always looking for good ideas and helpful hints, so feel free to share how you plan, play and keep track of things.

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11 Responses to " Things To Help Me Focus"

  • iPhone Calendar for appointments and Notes for miscellaneous stuff. A magnetised notepad on the fridge for daily tasks. A notebook for shopping lists. And these days a big notebook for travel plans and ideas. I am low tech too.

  • Sue says:

    On my PC (running Windows7) I have Sticky Notes, which come up on the screen. This was on my PC when I bought it, so not sure if you can add it.

  • Plan? Plan??? What’s a ‘plan’?? LOL!

    I don’t do planning. Oh, I try, sometimes, but if I make notes I forget to look at them. I was going to write a journal this year, but here we are on the 6th and I’ve done nothing about it yet. *Sigh* I am hopeless. The best I can hope for is to remember to take part in a meme!

  • jan says:

    I’ve been doing a little of that today too. I’m using a planner I found at http://www.yourcourageouslife.com/ the link to which came from a very dear blogging friend.

  • Good idea, today, I started to make a list of the projects I am making for 2013. I have clothes I’d like to make, lots of crocheting and other things. Hope I can get myself motivated to do most of them – although, looking back at last year I accomplished so much more than I thought I had.
    Lynne x

    • lori says:

      That is the way I look at goals. I make a lot more plans than I accomplish, but figure I’m further ahead than if I made none. I never accomplish everything…I’m too laid back.

  • Fern Reed says:

    You are so right–kittens and boxes and kittens and paper bags!!! They dearly love playing with them!!
    I use to work a gas station for almost 25 years and I kept a day sheet that had everything on it. Every sale, every expense– everything!!! I even kept track of the weather on that day sheet too. Every fire-ring and hiring. The time the help came and went. I could look back and tell you just all about that day for years and years!! That is what you are going to do with the stuff you bought– you are going to have a day sheet!!!
    I use to know how much we took in –how much we spent and where. How many gallons of gas we sold, how short we were in daily cash!! I kept track of it all!! Good luck with your day sheet!!

  • I have been trying to move to electronic, but I don’t like it and end up back with paper. I read something about if you have a system that works, use it. Don’t fix what is not broken!

    Best of luck!

  • KB says:

    I’m low-tech like you are! But, I read a book about the “neuroscience” of forming habits (which is relevant to “resolutions”). Apparently, it takes about 6 weeks to form a new hard-wired circuit in the brain that corresponds to a new habit. I thought that was very interesting. (so doing something for 30 days probably won’t make it a habit)

    • lori says:

      I had always heard 21 days, but I never believed it. 6 weeks sounds more true. For me, it might even take a little longer (ha).

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