June 30

Tissue Paper = Pom-Poms

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All of June’s crafts will be kid-friendly, in honor of “School’s Out For Summer!”


Kaboose – Tissue Paper Party Pom-Poms


Tissue paper (9 sheets – approximately 20″ x 25″)

Chenille stem



1.  Stack pieces of tissue paper on top of each other.  I used three different colors.

2.  Starting at the 20″” wide end, accordion fold making 1-1/2″ folds.

3.  Loosely wrap the chenille stem around the center of the folded tissue paper and twist.  I wrapped it too tight in this picture.  Wrapping it loosely makes it easier to separate the layers in Step 6.

4.  Attach string to the chenille stem.

5.  Trim the ends of the tissue paper, using rounded or pointed cuts.

6.  Lay the tissue paper flat and start separating the layers, one by one, very gently so you don’t rip the paper.

7.  Now you have a festive decoration in the exact colors you want.

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