June 19

Tribute To My Dad

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My dad is a teaser.  For anyone who wonders why the more I like you, the more I tease you…that’s why.

My dad’s a hard worker.  My dad was a sheet metal worker, and whether it was 90° or -20°, he went to work, every single day.  Once when I was little, he got pneumonia and was off work for a week.  That’s the only time I ever remember him missing work, and it was scary because it was so unusual.

My dad can fix anything.  It was odd when I first met guys that didn’t know how to fix things because I thought guys could fix everything…my dad could.

My dad loves his family.  He’s not the mushy sort, but I never, not once, ever doubted his love.

My dad is low-keyed and has a dry sense of humor.  Nature or nurture, I don’t know, but I picked this up from him either way.

My dad helps out.  If someone needs help, my dad was there.

My dad doesn’t talk bad about people.  He has a generous spirit and doesn’t put people down.

My dad is the best dad in the world, and I’m glad he’s mine.

I love you, dad.  Happy Father’s Day.

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3 Responses to " Tribute To My Dad"

  • houndstooth says:

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful man! I love how he still looks so much like his baby picture as he does now. 🙂 I grew up thinking men could fix anything, too! Sadly, after getting married I’ve learned that isn’t true! 😛

  • Ellen says:

    Aw… what a beautiful tribute… I love your dad too~ He and your Mom has always made me feel special and so welcome. And yes, he does love to tease. Humm, perhaps it rubbed off on me a mite too~

  • mel says:

    a lovely tribute…tell him often while you can. This was the second Father’s Day without my dad and it was a day with some sadness but also moments of remembering fondly, just not able to tell him anymore as you just did for your dad. I love the snugly picture of him with his dog!

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