July 23

True Chews

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Review time! Freedom, Casper and Nikki were once again asked to do a review by the amazing Chewy.com. This month…True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts.

True Chews

Just look at them! Super yummy. True Chews is dedicated to providing your dog with only 100% natural chews, proudly made rawhide-free and without fillers in Independence, Iowa, USA. Nothing fancy, just natural, healthy, safe chews for your dog!

The Mission – Get an adorable picture of Freedom, Casper and Nikki sitting nicely for their True Chews treat.

The Result – Blurry pictures of hounds gone wild.

Photo 1

True Chews Photo 1

Casper – Hyperextends his tongue in anticipation of the treat.

Freedom – Focuses laser eyes on the treat.

Nikki – Spots the camera and tries to decide if getting a treat is worth having her photo taken.

Photo 2

True Chews Photo 2

Casper – Tired of waiting for the treat considers just lunging for it.

Freedom – Maintains composure but is getting mighty hungry, as evidenced by the appearance of the tongue.

Nikki – Outta here.

Photo 3

True Chews Photo 3

Casper – Realizes he’s going to have to be a good boy in order to get a treat.

Freedom – Sooo clooose. Sitting nicely pays off.

Nikki – Decides the treats look mighty good, so maybe getting your picture taken IS worth it.

Chewy Logo

Even though the photos aren’t good…the treats were. True Chews get a hearty “all paws up” from Freedom, Casper and Nikki. Thank you, Chewy.com for asking us to do this review. Freedom, Casper and Nikki received a free bag of True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Chicken Tenders Dog Treats for doing this review, but the opinions expressed are strictly Freedom, Casper and Nikki’s.

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