September 12

Try This – Background 2

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This month, I’m preparing some backgrounds because I want to paint more of the girls I learned to paint in Juliette Crane’s How To Paint A Girl e-course.

This week’s background was a little experiment.  All the paints I used are Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Acrylics.

I painted the background Blue Calico.

After that coat of paint dried, I painted over it with Tartan Red.  Using stamps, I pushed into the wet paint to reveal the blue paint underneath.

This didn’t give me the effect I was looking for.  When I try this again, I will use something with more substance, like a sponge.

To get more blue into the background, I wadded up a piece of aluminum foil, applied some blue paint and dabbed it on to the canvas.

It’s a simple background, but I think it will work.  I may add more color once I get a girl painted on it.

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