September 19

Try This – Background 3

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This month, I’m preparing some backgrounds because I want to paint more of the girls I learned to paint in Juliette Crane’s How To Paint A Girl e-course.

Sometimes, when I’m painting backgrounds, I really get into them and add a lot of interesting details.  Sometimes, I keep them kind of plain, knowing that I can add more details once I get painting my subject (in this case, a girl).  All the paints I used are Golden Acrylics.

I painted the background Ultramarine Blue.

I add swipes and dots of paint in Titanium White.

Then a few side swipes, also in Titanium White.

In anticipation of adding a girl, I smoothed out the area in the middle of the painting.  I learned that early on…it’s no fun having a big, bumpy dot right where you want to paint a face.

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I felt it shelter to speak to you.

Emily Dickinson

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