September 5

Try This – Backgrounds 1

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This year, I’ve been trying a lot of different creative pursuits.  As time as gone by, I’ve started to see that one of the things I enjoy most is painting.  I want to do more painting, so this month I’m going to paint some backgrounds to prepare for some more of the girls I like to paint.

This week’s background was inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts’ book, Taking Flight.  All the paints I used are Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Acrylics.


I painted the background Meadowlark.

I dabbed on Sea Lavender.

Then, rubbed it in with a paper towel.

I brushed on Pacific Iris and sprayed it with water.

Then, I blotted it with a paper towel.

I brushed Carrot on a piece of textured, nonstick drawer liner.

Then, pressed it down on the painted background.

I brushed Arrowhead on a piece of bubble wrap and pressed it on the bottom on the canvas.

Using one of the paint bottle caps, I stamped circles using Sea Lavender.

I added some depth by painting Pacific Iris inside the circles.  After it dried a bit, I added some dabs of Pacific Iris to the bottoms of the circles, sprayed them with water and let them drip down.  All that’s missing is a little girl.

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