February 22

Try This – Spool Knitted Knots

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This month, I’ve been playing around with spool knitting.  Last week, I posted pictures of a few different flowers you could create with the spool knit tubes.  This week, I used the spool knit tubes to create ornamental knots.  I used the book 75 Chinese, Celtic, & Ornamental Knots by Laura Williams and Elise Mann for the patterns.


I’m not sure these are practical for anything; but it was fun to create them…kind of like doing a puzzle.


Double Flat Button Knot

This is a variation of the button knot.  Traditionally, round button knots were used as buttons, hence their name.


Figure-Of-Eight Chain

The figure-of-eight pattern is one of the 12 elementary Celtic knots and is a symbol of eternity and the boundlessness of God.


Carrick Mat


I also made this small flat knot mat.  I imagine this could be worked into a cool wall hanging if you added more rows.

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