January 4

Try This – Wet Felting

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I’ve been wanting to play with this…wet felting.  Felting is the process of matting and compressing fibers to create a dense cloth.  Wet felting cleans and felts the fibers at the same time. 

Purchase a few sweaters that are made of 100% wool.  Throw them in the washing machine (hot water wash/cold water rinse) with a little laundry detergent and a clean towel.  The towel helps agitate the sweaters.  Some sweaters will release alot of fibers, so you may want to attach a lint collector to the drain hose of your washer or place the sweaters in a pillowcase, secure the top and wash them that way.  Once the wash cycle is complete, you can (1) dry them flat on a towel, (2) wash them again to felt them more, (3) put them in the dryer to felt them even more.

I placed pins at the edges of the sweater pictured below to show the amount of shrinkage.  You can see the difference in one washing.

Sweater Before Washing

Sweater After One Washing

You know the sweater is felted if you can’t see the texture of the knitted stitches.  In the picture below, the yellow sweater on the left is not completely felted; the grey sweater on the right is felted.  I ran most of my sweaters through the wash and dry cycle three to four times before I got the result I wanted.

Join me this month as I do projects with these felted sweaters.  I would love to hear your ideas for projects and any experience you have with felting.

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