December 25

We Win

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A Christmas message from Freedom, Casper & Nikki:

This year, we participated in Blogville’s 2011 Christmas Card Exchange.  We sent out our cards and waited to see if we would get any…and they poured in!  The final count was done yesterday.  Daddy and Mommy received 35 and we received 58!  WE WIN! Looking at the piles side-by-side, you would think that it was close; but Mommy has friends who handmake their cards, so they’re fluffier than regular cards.  In fact, the only reason Daddy and Mommy got 35 cards is because our Daddy is a “popular guy.”  If it was just us and Mommy, we’d have mopped the floor with her.  So…WE WIN!  Mommy says this post is not in keeping with the spirit of the day, but we think that sounds like the opinion of someone who DIDN’T WIN.  WE WIN! 

Daddy and Mommy – 35

Freedom, Casper & Nikki – 58

Thank you to all our Blogville friends who helped make sure…WE WIN!

Love and kisses…Freedom, Casper & Nikki

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


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