August 10

We’re Glad Our Mom Blogs

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A Post by Freedom and Casper (Nikki’s still too shy to blog)

We like it that our mom blogs.  We’ve made new friends and gotten some treats and collars that she probably would have put off buying if it weren’t for her blog.  We also like to go in her “blogging” room when she’s typing and take nice naps.  Monday, we got a whole new reason to be glad that our mom blogs…presents!

First, a package from Greenies®.  Mom wrote that Greenies® were one of our favorite things, and the folks at Greenies® read her post and emailed her about sending US a present.  It took mom FOREVER to send them our address, but the folks at Greenies® didn’t hold her against us and sent two packages of Large Greenies®, one for each of us.  Because mom was so slow about giving Greenies® our information, we got a whole new dog in between time!  Sheesh!  We’ll share with Nikki (mom assured us).

See, we shared.

Next, a package from Patchwork Pet.  Mom’s favorite blog, Tales and Tails (“Hi, Lilac, Blueberry, Bunny and Morgan!”), had a picture caption contest, and mom won!  You can check it out here and here.  For winning, the nice folks at Patchwork Pet sent us a box with three stuffed animals (one for each of us…they knew we had a new sister).  The toys are AWESOME.  We like them all, but the giant caterpillar is our super favorite.

Casper:  How did I get the littlest toy?

Freedom:  The caterpillar is mine.

Casper: No, the caterpillar is mine.

Nikki:  I like the lamb.

Freedom:  I said, the caterpillar is mine.

Casper:  No, I said, the caterpillar is mine.

Nikki:  I’m staying out of this.

If you want to connect with the nice folks that sent us these presents, here are the links to the Facebook pages of Greenies® and Patchwork Pet.

Also, our mom wants us to tell you that she doesn’t recommend things so she’ll get free stuff, but when free stuff happens, it is AWESOME.  Thanks, Greenies® and Patchwork Pet.  We love all our presents.


Freedom, Casper and Nikki

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6 Responses to " We’re Glad Our Mom Blogs"

  • Ellen says:

    “mom” you made me LOL this morning~ Did I ever tell you that you’re a GREAT writer!

  • houndstooth says:

    It looks like you guys love your toys as much as we do! I’m so glad you’re all having fun with them. Nikki, you seem like a very wise hound to me.

    We got a box from Greenies after we mentioned their dental awareness month on our blog, too. They are super nice people and we’re big fans!

    Your mom got some great pictures of you guys!


    • lori says:

      Thank you, Bunny. We LOVE the toys. Mom has already had to make a few repairs because we’re playing with them so much! She puts the caterpillar away when she goes to work because we can swing that baby around like a whip, and she’s afraid she’ll come home to “cleared” shelves and tables…hehe (she would too).

      We’re crazy for Greenies. That’s all we have to say about that.

      Thank you, Bunny. It was fun to be in your contest.

      Freedom, Casper & Nikki

  • mel says:

    cannot speak to how awesome the toys are but will take Casper, Freedom and Nikki’s word for it but I WILL say that you are so clever..great writing

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