April 14

What’s Next?

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I started writing What Remains Now to help me figure out what to do, now that my “mommy” years are over. I wanted to get back in touch with my creativity, so I went through a variety of books and e-courses and discovered my love of painting. During the last three months, I worked my way through Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. I really enjoyed the process and think it will help me realize some of my goals with painting. Now, I’m ready for a little break, so…what’s next?

Over the last few years, I’ve collected these three books on writing but haven’t read them. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to read one.  I feel like doing something that is deals with a creative subject, but isn’t directly related to painting. Which one should I read? Let me know which one you’re most curious about in the “Comments.”

Page After Page

Page after Page by Heather Sellers

On Writing

On Writing by Stephen King

Bird By Bird

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

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