November 30

Annette Crosbie

Annette Crosbie & Bonnie

Annette Crosbie is a greyhound owner and a passionate voice for the welfare of racing Greyhounds.  You may recognize this Scottish actress if you love British sitcoms (she played the wife of Victor Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave) or from the movie, Calendar Girls.

Annette with Starkey, Hinny, Bonnie & Jedda

Art Every Day Month – Day 30

Felt Christmas Tree

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November 29

4 Faves – Coco & Wawa Version


During the month of November, I’ve asked some of my favorite folks and their furry “kids” to share their “4 Faves.”  One of my new “favorite” blogs is Living With 6 Hamsters (And 2 Dogs), written by Tooki.  Tooki and her “kids” live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo.  If your geography is a little sketchy, check out this post.  Tooki is a creative blogger who writes about her adventures with Coco (a Miniature Schnauzer) and Wawa (a stray), and about her life in Malaysia.  Not only is she a good writer, she has  a great sense of humor.  When I visit Tooki’s blog, I learn something or laugh outloud…usually both.  Here are Tooki’s favorites along with Coco and Wawa’s favorites:


Hello, I am Tooki and this is a self-portrait of…my feet.  Sorry, my face is just not photogenic enough!  That is no ordinary river, it is the famous Li River in Guilin, China and has been visited by many VVIPs.  They may even have dangled their feet over it like I did!  I live with 2 dogs and 2 hamsters and you can read all about them in my blog.

I shall start with my pets’ faves.

OOU – Orange “Orang Utan”

This orange “orang utan” is Coco’s favourite toy.  She only knows it as “sotong” or octopus because her first toy was a pink octopus.  I was too lazy to teach her a new word and she told me that she prefers to call it sotong anyway.

Bottomless Bed & Rug

Wawa’s fave is his bottomless bed and rug.  He only gets to use the rug at bed time.  He’s happiest when I bring it into the bedroom and will usually follow behind carrying his precious bed in his mouth.  I used to put the bed on the rug for him but he now knows how to do it himself.  Well, sometimes he gets it the other way round.

JerHigh Cookie Cheese

This is Coco and Wawa’s fave JerHigh Cookie Cheese.  Both dogs prefer this to all other tidbits.  Made in Thailand so we worry that there’ll be a shortage due to the serious flooding there.


Both Coco and Wawa’s fave is their leash.  It means that they can go for a WALK!

And now, Tooki’s 4 faves…

Camera – Canon EOS 1100D

I love taking photos so this camera is my favourite baby number one (besides my dogs and hamsters).  I use it mainly for my hobby at 365 Project.  Dew drop by to have a peek.

Foot Reflexology Stick

My foot reflexology stick is my next fave.  The best way to end a long, tiring day is to watch a good movie in bed while tweaking the soles of my feet with my comfort stick.  I usually fall asleep before I reach the other foot.


My next fave is the multimedia in front of my bed consisting of a tv, a hard disk (filled with all sorts of dramas and movies, thanks to my nephew) and that little white box which converts and transmits all that’s in the hard disk to the tv.  Very convenient and space saving.  I don’t have to get up and change discs anymore.

Spin Mop

My spin mop will be my last fave.  My house will be an unholy mess without it and I think I will probably be in the hospital for sprained wrists if I use the conventional mop.  Due to my 2 dogs, I have done more mopping in 1 year 7 months than in my entire life (and I have lived for rather a long time).

Thank you, Tooki, Coco and Wawa.  I enjoyed learning about all your favorites.  I must say that the “bottomless bed” has brought me much enjoyment.  Here’s one post (of many) in which the bottomless bed makes an appearance.

Art Every Day Month – Day 29


Flannel Scraps Christmas Tree

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November 28

Creative Time and Space…Week 7


Creative Time and Space by Ricë Freeman-Zachary is the book I’m currently working my way through.  This week, I’m writing about the chapter, “Mental Space: What Goes on Up There in Your Head.”  In the book, this chapter comes before the chapter I wrote about last week.  I think the fact that I have them in reverse tells you a little about my “mental space.”  

The first half of Creative Time and Space deals with how we view and manage our time.  The second half deals with space, both inside and outside.  This chapter challenges us to look inside ourselves and do an assessment on how much space we allow for creativity inside our heads and hearts.  If you don’t allow space for creativity inside, you’ll never make time for creativity outside.

This chapter links well with Chapter 1, “Exploring Time: What Exactly Does ‘Time’ Mean to You?”   That chapter encouraged us to infuse everything we do with creativity and see what great ideas can form and grow if we live creatively…always looking, open to our creative spirit.

The idea of living my creativity and making the space for it inside my head is a relatively new practice for me.  For myself, I find it helpful to add a bit of structure to that formula.  For instance, I follow a schedule of different daily topics for my blog.  That “schedule” offers me a lot of freedom, but also helps me look for specific ideas that fit within that loose structure.  I’ve also been participating in the Art Every Day Month challenge and that has helped me see that “structure” helps me in creating my art too.  Each week, I’ve focused on one type of project…fabric flowers, yarn vases, canvases, paper and this week, Christmas trees.  Not every artist needs this specific of a focus, but I find that if I don’t have it I’m willy-nilly all over the board, and I don’t get anything accomplished.  For me, this structured openess seems to work best, and that’s the practice I plan to follow in the year ahead.

Art Every Day Month – Day 28


 Yarn Christmas Tree

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November 27

Cookie Exchange


This year, I joined a Card Club with my two sisters, two nieces and a friend of one of my nieces.  We meet every other month and make two cards, two scrapbook pages or a combination of both.  Last Sunday, we had a cookie exchange.  In fact, it was a cookie and card exchange.  Here are the rules we followed:

1.  Bring one handmade card for each person.

2.  Bring one dozen homemade cookies for each person, plus one dozen to share.

First we exchanged cards, then cookies.

Some of the gals had “extra” gifts for each of us.


Here are the cards we made:

It was a great day.  My cookies were horrible, but I’m planning on doing better next year.

Art Every Day Month – Day 27

Ribbon Christmas Tree

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November 26

The Color Purple


The Color Purple is a deeply moving book that centers around Celie, a black woman in the early 20th-century South.  Abused by her father and then her husband, Celie’s life is bleak; but an unlikely friendship with Shug Avery, her husband’s mistress, changes how she sees herself and her life.  Told through a series of letters, Celie learns to survive, love, forgive and triumph.  Some books I love for the story, some for the characters; The Color Purple wins for both.  The power and beauty of this book makes it a gem in the crown of American Literature.

Art Every Day Month – Day 26


Tissue Paper Flower

One more thing:

I heard about the Wolf Hall Readalong over at Danielle’s blog, Book or Big Screen.  I was intrigued, but debated back and forth about participating because it is a 600+ page book, and I’m a very slow reader; but, I’m going to give it a try.  If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can read about it on Nicole’s blog, Linus’s Blanket or Natalie’s blog, Coffee and a Book Chick.  I’ll post my “status” the next 3 Saturdays (December 3, 10 and 17).


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November 25

Rob Roy


Rob Roy is loosely based on the life of the Scottish Highland folk hero, Rob Roy Macgregor.  Set in Scotland in 1713, clan leader Rob Roy Macgregor is forced to borrow money from the Marquis of Montrose to help his clan survive a harsh winter. When a young acquaintance of the Marquis’ plots to steal Macgregor’s repayment and is successful, Macgregor must fight for his honor.  This is a personal tale of an honorable man who must take a stand for what is right at the risk of losing everything.  If you love beautiful Scotland, well-crafted characters. good against evil, honor against treachery and a great sword fight, you’ll enjoy Rob Roy.

Art Every Day Month – Day 25


 Scrapbook Paper Flower

Made using this tutorial from Whimsical World of Laura Bird

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November 24

Rick Rack = Christmas Card



Martha Stewart – Rickrack Cards 



Red and white rick rack (I used Jumbo size)



Decorative paper for background


1.  Cut two 10″ lengths of rick rack; one from each color.  Twist the two strands together.

2.  Iron the twisted strands to make them lie flatter.  I used a pressing cloth and a few bursts of steam.

3.  Form the candy cane and trim the twisted strand to fit the card.  Glue the ends of the two strands of rick rack together on both ends.

4.  When dry, trim both ends so they look finished.

5.  Glue the decorative paper on to the card.


 6.  Glue the rick rack shape on to the card.  You can create a variety of shapes and designs with rick rack.  Check out my AEDM picture below for more ideas.

Art Every Day Month – Day 24


Rick Rack Christmas Cards

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November 23

Richard ll & Mathe


Greyhounds are a noble breed, the companions to royality.  Perhaps that fact is best captured in the story of Richard II.

Richard II was the last of the Plantagenet kings.  Born in 1367, he was ten years old when he succeeded his grandfather, Edward III, to the throne.  Richard’s authoritarian approach during a time of economic hardship following the Black Death and his generosity and dependence on his favorites provoked resentment.  In 1388, Richard’s power was revoked and the kingdom was placed under the regency of the Lords Appellant.  Parliament then sentenced many of the king’s favorites to death and forced Richard to renew his coronation oath. 

Richard gradually re-established his royal authority and took his revenge in 1397 by arresting or banishing many of his opponents, including his cousin, Henry, Earl of Derby.  Upon the death of Henry’s father, John of Gaunt (a younger son of Edward III), Richard confiscated the vast properties of John’s Duchy of Lancaster and divided them among his supporters.  The house of Lancaster possessed more wealth than any other family in England and they were of royal descent; therefore, they were rivals and likely candidates to succeed the childless Richard.

In 1399, while Richard was in Ireland to quell warring chieftains, Henry returned to England to claim his father’s inheritance.  Henry captured and deposed Richard and was crowned King Henry IV.

Jean Froissart wrote about the conditions that created the Hundred Years’ War and many of the events that took place between 1322 and 1400.  Froissart wrote his Chronicles in four volumes.  Volume IV tells of the deposition of Richard II and the accession of Henry IV:

“According to the information which I received, king Richard had a greyhound called Mathe, who was in the constant practice of attending the king, and he would not follow any other person; for whenever the king did ride, the person who had the charge of keeping the said greyhound would always let him loose, and he would run directly to the king, and leap with his forefeet upon his majesty’s shoulders.  And as the king and the earl of Derby were engaged in conversing with each other in the court, the greyhound, which was usually accustomed to leap upon the king, left his majesty, and went to the earl of Derby, duke of Lancaster, and behaved towards him with the same familiarity and attachment as he was usually in the habit of shewing towards the king.  The duke, who did not know the greyhound, demanded of the king what the animal might mean by so doing?  Cousin, quoth the king, that is a sign portending great prosperity to you, and a token of adversity to me.  Sir, how do you know that? quoth the duke.  I know it for a certainty, replied the king.  The greyhound maketh you cheer this day as king of England, to which dignity you will be raised; and I shall be deposed.  The greyhound possesses this knowledge naturally; therefore take him to you; he will follow you and forsake me.  The duke of Lancaster fully understood those words, and cherished the animal, which would never afterwards follow king Richard, but followed the duke of Lancaster.”

The date and manner of Richard’s death is still in question, but he is thought to have starved to death in February 1400 while imprisoned.  Richard II’s is the first death in what would become known as The Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars fought between the houses of Lancaster (represented by the red rose) and York (represented by the white rose).

Art Every Day Month – Day 23

Envelopes Made From Book Pages

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November 22

4 Faves – Bunny Version


Every Tuesday, I talk about 4 of my favorite things.  This month, I’ve asked some friends, along with their furry kids, to share their favorite things…4 pet and 4 people things.  If you follow What Remains Now, you’ve heard me gush over my favorite blog, Tales and Tails.  Tales and Tails was the first blog I ever followed.  Carrie is a wonderful writer and photographer, and she perfectly captures “the hilarity of everyday life.”  Carrie is married to Mr. Taleteller and they live with Blueberry (Greyhound), Bunny (Greyhound) and Morgan (GSD).  Soon a new member will be joining the family…Kuster (GSD puppy).  Carrie and Bunny are sharing their favorites today.  Let’s see what they have for us.


Bunny and I were asked to share some of our favorite things, and so we’ve thought long and hard about what those things might be.  In my case, it was coming up with four things while Bunny had to narrow her list down.  I hope you enjoy our lists! 

Nikon D3100

First on my list is the Nikon D3100.  It’s an entry level SLR camera, and is very user-friendly.  As I try to improve my knowledge of photography, this camera has really helped, and it’s motivated me to keep going.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Next is Burt’s Bees lip gloss.  I may have an addiction to this stuff.  I use it a lot in the fall and winter, and I love that they now have color-tinted versions.  I almost always have a tube of this in my pocket.

Celtic Hounds nook Cover

I have a nook, which is a fabulous e-reader, and there are so many fun accessories that you can get for them.  There’s a company called Oberon Designs that makes leather e-reader covers, amongst other leather and silver journals, covers and jewelry.  When I found out that they had a nook cover called “Celtic Hounds,” I had to have one. 


I admit it, I have a love for fairy tales as well as for things that are dark and mysterious.  When you mix those things together, you get Grimm, a new television show that airs on NBC in the US.  I have a friend in Sweden who tells me it will start running there soon, so I have a feeling it will be available in a lot of places shortly.  I am hooked!

It’s about time Mom got done with her list.  She’s right, I have A LOT of favorite things!  Mom says I have to limit myself to four things, though, so I’ll have to keep the rest a secret.

Mother Bunny Bunny

One of my favorite things is my Mother Bunny bunny.  They’re made by Aid 4 Greys, a nonprofit organization that raises money to help Greyhounds in adoption groups with serious medical needs.  They also make very cute every day collars that are not very expensive.  The bunnies and tribbles are the best toys we’ve ever enjoyed, though.

Tummy Warmer

Another thing Blueberry and I are really loving this time of year are our Voyagers K9 Apparel tummy warmers.  If you need something to wear to help ward off the chill of night air and it’s not quite cold enough for a coat, or you’d like something for lounging around the house in, the tummy warmers are awesome.  Of course, we’re big fans of their coats, raincoats and boots, too!

Rain Dog Treats

Recently, we were lucky enough to be sent Rain Dog Treats by some friends of ours.  Oh.  My.  Dog!  They are manna from heaven!  My sisters and I stalk the refrigerator for them every night because they are so tasty we just can’t get enough.


Fancy Collars

Finally, I happen to love my fancy collars, and I have quite a few of them.  Miss Sue at Silk Road Collars made one for me that is fantabulous!  She put all sorts of pretty rhinestones on it for me.  I have gotten lots of compliments on it.

And there you have it, some of our favorite things!  I hope you enjoyed Mom’s list and mine both, and it’s okay if you say you liked mine better.  Thanks for letting us share them with you!

Thank you, Bunny!  Fabulous faves from a fabulous hound.  Oh, Burt’s Bees isn’t just Carrie’s favorite.  Check out this post to see who else lists this as a “fave.”

Art Every Day Month – Day 22


More Christmas Cards

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November 21

Creative Time and Space…Week 6


2011 has been a year of reawakening and refocusing for me.  One of the ways I’m moving that process along is to learn about the creative process by reading and working through books on creativity.  Currently, I’m reading the book, Creative Space and Time by Ricë Freeman-Zachary.  This week, I read the chapter “Soul Space: Where You Receive Permission to Play.”  Ricë talked to the featured artists about how they nurture the “internal” space of their creative lives and fill it with ideas and the excitement of new endeavors.  The overwhelming answer…play.

Here are a couple ideas that I believe would help me out:

1.  Carry a camera with you everywhere and snap pictures of things that inspire you.  I think this would be nice for several reasons, the main one being that it would keep me looking.  That supports the idea of never leaving a creative state-of-mind, and the more I look, the more I’ll find.  I also think it would also sharpen my mind and my “eye.”

2.  Carry a journal or sketchbook everywhere to capture ideas and inspiration.  This is not only a great idea from a practical standpoint, but as Ricë states, “No matter where you are, you have that concrete connection with your interior space, with your interior creative life.”

I’m convinced of the critical nature of keeping play at the forefront of a creative life.  I found a comment by Judy Wise very interesting.  She said, “Play is what it’s all about.  I remember precisely the moment it all made sense to me.  The moment I looked at two related works and saw that one was relaxed and impromptu, and the other was perfect but strained looking.  One artist was playing, and I love that piece.  The other artist was working, and while the result was ‘correct,’ it brought me no joy.”  Play is not only fun, it’s essential.

Art Every Day Month – Day 21


Christmas Cards

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