December 29

Ribbon = Serpentine Flower



Ribbon Crafts by Elaine Schmidt – Serpentine Gathered Flower (Page 96)







Marker (not pictured)

Ruler (not pictured)



1.  Cut a length of ribbon, 1.5 feet to 3 feet.  I cut a ribbon length of 1.5 feet.  Make a mark every inch, staggering the placement on opposite sides.


2.  Knot thread at the first mark.  Stitch diagonally in a zigzag pattern, wrapping the thread around the outer edge at each mark.


3.  Pull the thread, gathering the ribbon.


4.  Continue  stitching and gathering until the entire ribbon length is done.

5.  Form a tight circle and tack the ends together.  Trim any excess ribbon.

6.  Easy and pretty.  You can play with different widths and lengths of ribbon to create a variety of looks.

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December 22

Felt = Coasters



The Purl Bee – Molly’s Sketchbook: Gold and Silver Coasters




Embroidery floss




Fabric glue

Circle templates (I used a Campbell’s soup bowl and a mug)


1.  Trace 4 large and 4 small circles on the felt and cut out the circles.  My large circle was 4″ in diameter and my small circle was 3.25″ in diameter.


2.  Place a small circle on a large circle and sew a running stitch across the small circle to attach.  Leave a short length of floss on the bottom of the coaster at the beginning and end of the line of stitches.


3.  Apply fabric glue to the floss ends on the bottom of the coaster.


4.  After glue dries, trim excess floss.


5.  That’s all.  Now you have the perfect set of coasters for your decor or a great last-minute gift.


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December 15

Picture Frame = Post-it Holder



A gift my sister made for me.




Acrylic picture frame

Decorative paper


Post-it pad

Scissors (I used a paper cutter)

Adhesive (I used Scotch Restickable Mini Tabs)


1.  Cut a piece of decorative paper to fit the frame and insert it in the frame.


2.  Apply adhesive  to the Post-it pad and affix it to the frame.


3.  Apply an additional decoration or leave it as is.

4.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  I made a smaller version of the one my sister made for me.  My sister even added a little calendar.

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December 8

Ribbon = Christmas Tree Picture



Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications (Do It Yourself – Winter 2010) – Pg 66 (Outside the Box)



Acrylic picture frame

Ribbon (I used brown, green and white)





Glue dots (Tacky Glue is pictured, but I changed my mind and went with glue dots)

Something to wrap the ribbon around (I used a glue stick)


1.  Start with the tree trunk ribbon.  Cut a length that wraps around the frame.  Wrap the middle of the ribbon around a round object (I used a glue stick) and stitch to make a loop.


2.  Do the same with several lengths of  the tree ribbon. 


3.   I made a length with 5 loops, a length with 4 loops, a length with 3 loops, a length with 2 loops and a length with 1 loop.


4.  Cut a piece of cardstock and insert it in the frame as the background.  I didn’t want the cardstock to move, so I attached it to the front of the frame with a couple glue dots.  The glue dots will be covered when you attach the ribbon sections.


5.  Apply a couple glue dots to the back of the tree trunk ribbon and glue to the front of the frame.  Wrap the ends of the ribbon around the back of the frame and secure with glue dots.


6.  Repeat this process with the tree ribbons.  Keep your glue dots close to the looped area.  I applied a few glue dots further out and you can see them through the ribbon.


7.  Wrap the ends of the ribbon sections around to the back of the frame and secure with glue dots.  If the back of the frame will be visible, you may want to cut the ribbon more evenly and neatly than I did.


8.  Tie a small bow and glue it to the top of the tree as a topper.


9.  There you have it, a funky little Christmas tree picture.  Don’t like to sew…try this with a hot glue gun.


The {Creative Collective}’s November Project was a handmade decoration swap.  I sent my swap partner the three rick rack cards I made, and I received these three adorable felt stockings.  I can’t wait to see what January’s project is.  This month, the {Creative Collective} is having Bloganza…a month full of guest posts.

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December 1

Ribbon = Christmas Tree



Sparkle – Layered Ribbon Trees




Styrofoam cone (I used the small 6″ cone)

Wired ribbon (approximately 6 feet)


Straight pins



1.  Take the end of the ribbon and fold it at an angle to the edge.  Repeat with the other side to form the point of the first piece.


2.  Cut the piece off from the ribbon spool.


3.  Pin the piece to the bottom of the cone, leaving the point hanging over the edge.  Continue to make ribbon pieces and pin them around the bottom of the cone.  I overlapped the edges of the pieces and pinned them together, to save on pins and to have less pins to hide.

4.  To add your second (and so on) row, pin your pieces between the previous row’s pieces, hiding the pins.  Continue adding rows until you’re to the top.  Here’s where everything started to go wrong.

5.  I did not measure my ribbon, so I saw that I was going to run out.  I got some gold ribbon and added a few gold pieces. 

6.  I still didn’t have enough for the top, so I cut out a felt circle and sewed ribbon loops to it to make a topper.

7.  Glue the topper on the cone and arrange a few of the loops to hide the pins.  Use a little glue if needed.

8.  Isn’t this adorable! and the possibilities are endless.  Big cones, little cones, ribbon, fabric…just imagine the forest you can create.


Yesterday was the last day of the Art Every Day Month challenge.  Thank you, Leah of Creative Every Day, for hosting this challenge.  Here’s what I learned:

You have to make some really ugly things, to make some pretty things…and sometimes your ugly things are pretty things to other people.  Don’t spend time analyzing and judging, spend time creating.

There are oodles of kind, generous, supportive fellow artists who wish you the best.  Let that spirit lift you.

Thinking about things, planning things, hoping for things, dreaming about things, doesn’t get it done.  Doing things gets it done.

It’s very important for me to work like this…in “challenge” mode, otherwise, all I’ll do is “think” about it.

More than anything I created during the month of November, this challenge gave me a glimpse of how I need to work in order to move forward with my art.  I’ll be applying these principles in 2012.

Here is a recap of all my AEDM projects:


Thank you to everyone who offered up a kind word and followed along.




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November 24

Rick Rack = Christmas Card



Martha Stewart – Rickrack Cards 



Red and white rick rack (I used Jumbo size)



Decorative paper for background


1.  Cut two 10″ lengths of rick rack; one from each color.  Twist the two strands together.

2.  Iron the twisted strands to make them lie flatter.  I used a pressing cloth and a few bursts of steam.

3.  Form the candy cane and trim the twisted strand to fit the card.  Glue the ends of the two strands of rick rack together on both ends.

4.  When dry, trim both ends so they look finished.

5.  Glue the decorative paper on to the card.


 6.  Glue the rick rack shape on to the card.  You can create a variety of shapes and designs with rick rack.  Check out my AEDM picture below for more ideas.

Art Every Day Month – Day 24


Rick Rack Christmas Cards

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November 17

Felt = Wreath



Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication (Holiday Crafts 2011) – Pg 87 (Door Prize)




 Felt (I used fuchsia, lime green, turquoise, royal blue and white)

12-inch-diameter beveled styrofoam wreath

Pinking shears


Straight pins


Light cardboard for poinsettia leave pattern (not shown)

Pen (not shown)


1.  Using the pinking shears, cut eleven 1″ x 7″ strips from each of the four felt colors.


2.  Wrap the strips around the styrofoam wreath with each strip slightly overlapping the previous strip.  Pin strips to the back of the wreath.


3.  Cut a large and a small poinsettia leave pattern from the light cardboard.  Trace the pattern on the felt.  Cut out the leaves (I cut out five large and five small).  Cut out a circle base to glue the poinsettia leaves on.

4.  Dab fabric glue on the base of each poinsettia leave and pinch it together.  Let the glue dry.


5.  Glue the poinsettia leaves on the felt base.  Cut out four small circles in a contrasting color for the center of the poinsettia.  Glue the circles in the center of the flower.

7.  Pin the flower on the wreath.  It’s retro, it’s in the colors you choose and it’s lightweight and easy to store.

Art Every Day Month – Day 17


 Ivory on Ivory Canvas


Last week, we participated in Mayzie’s Rescue Me Week challenge, and we won!  Thanks to Mayzie and her mom’s desire to honor Grampa J, who loved and cared for animals his whole life, 233 animals who are looking for their forever homes, were featured on different blogs.  A random drawing was held, and five posts won $100 for the rescue group of their choice.  You can read about the drawing on Mayzie’s blog, Rescue Me Week – Grand Finale!  My post, featuring Vandyke, was selected.  I was playing for Freedom, Casper and Nikki’s rescue group, Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan.

It was a lot of fun to participate in the challenge and awesome to win, but it was also a reminder of the beautiful nature and generosity of a life of kindness and compassion.  Grampa J passed away this year, but his legacy lives on and continues to touch and help animals who want nothing more than a place called “home.”

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November 10

Buttons = Wreath Ornament



Martha Stewart – Button Wreath Ornament




Wire ( I used 22-gauge green floral wire)

Needle-nose pliers

Buttons (I used about 50)


Ribbon for hanger and bow (I used rattail for my hanger)

1.  Cut a length of wire.  I cut a length of 6 inches.  Using the pliers, make a loop at one end of the wire.

2.  String on the buttons.

3.  Using the pliers, bend the straight end of the wire around the looped end.  Attach a length of ribbon for the hanger.

4.  Tie on a pretty bow, and it’s all done.

Like the Buttons Christmas Picture, you can do these big or small.

This week, in addition to the Art Every Day Month challenge, I’m participating in Mayzie’s Rescue Me Week challenge.  Mayzie is the author of the most awesome, Mayzie’s Dog Blog, and she is going to have a drawing on or about November 16 and award 5 rescue groups $100 each!  Mayzie is doing this in honor of her Grampa J who loved and cared for animals all of his life.  I’m playing for Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan, the group who rescued Freedom, Casper and Nikki.  Today, I’m featuring Hank Moody (aka Moody).

Moody is currently in a foster home, and here’s what his foster mom has to say about him:

“Moody is a shy boy at first. It took him a few weeks to really come out of his shell. He’s a very happy, playful boy now. He loves his toys, he loves pets from the humans, and he‟ll approach me for attention. He gets along great with the other animals here (dogs, cats, lizards and fish). He also doesn‟t mind being crated for a typical work day so he’d do well in a working family. He walks nicely on leash, but the outside world still spooks him at times. He hasn‟t had any accidents in the house and is starting to use his “Alligator Snap” more often now. He’ll need a fenced in yard in his home simply because he’s still a bit spooky at sudden noises, especially on walks. He’s a sweet, lovey boy that can‟t wait to find a family.”

To find out more about Moody and other Greyhounds waiting for their forever homes, go the Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan website, click on “Adoptable” on the left-hand side and scroll down the list.  If a dog is in foster care, you can click on their picture and you’ll see a link that says “Foster Profile.”  The Foster Profile will give you even more information about that particular dog.  Found one you want to join your family?  Click on the “Apply” link on the left-hand side and fill out an application.

 Art Every Day Month – Day 10


Green Yarn Vase

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November 3

Buttons = Christmas Picture



Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications (Christmas Ideas 2010) – Pg 117 (All Buttoned Up)





Picture Frame






1.  Cut a piece of felt the size of the frame opening.


2.  Arrange the buttons on the felt.


3.  Glue the buttons on the felt.


4.  Glue the felt on the picture backing and insert into the frame.


5.  That’s all there is to it.  Mine are small, but imagine how striking this would be in a larger size.

 Art Every Day Month – Day 3


Fringe Flower

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October 27

Sweater = Pumpkin



I can’t remember where I first saw these…but they’re everywhere.









1.  Cut off a piece of the sleeve.

2.  Turn the piece inside out and sew a running stitch around one end.  Gather and knot-off.

3.  Turn the piece right-side out.  Stuff with fiberfill.

4.  Sew a running stitch around the top.  I liked the rolled hem of the sleeve, so I left it sticking out.  Gather and knot-off.

5.  Cut off a piece of the stick, and insert it in the top.  If it’s a little loose, apply some glue.

6.  Isn’t this cute!  And, there’s a lot of sweater left, so you can have pumpkins galore, in every size imaginable.


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