December 31

Orijen Cat Treats


Twinkie was delighted to receive a package of Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats from What a great way to end 2013!

Orijen Cat Treats Package

Here are some important details about these new Orijen Cat Treats:

100% Meat – Cats are carnivores, so Orijen Cat Treats are 100% meat.

100% Fresh Ingredients – The ingredients for Orijen Cat Treats are delivered fresh daily.

Freeze-Dried – To preserve the taste and goodness of fresh, regional ingredients, Orijen Cat Treats are freeze-dried. Freeze-drying removes only water, so all nutrients stay in the food, exactly where they should be.

Orijen Cat Treats

Amazing Palatability – Loaded with fresh meats, tripe and liver, Orijen Cat Treats are a nutritious and delicious reward for your kitty.

5 Great Flavors – 3 flavors matching Orijen’s award-winning dry foods and 2 unique single-course flavors.

Twinkie Eating Orijen Cat Treats

Twinkie checked them out and gave them an A+, both for the great taste and because they are easy for a senior kitty mouth to eat.

Thank you, for asking us to do this review. We received a free package of Orijen Cat Treats for an honest rating from Twinkie.

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December 29

Took A Little Break


Last week, I took a little unannounced blogging break. It was unannounced because I didn’t realize it was going to happen. I just got very, very tired. After a few nights of coming home and going to bed as soon as possible, I’m feeling better.

Freedom Pretending To Be Sleeping Mommy

This is what mommy looked like last week…except without the hedgehog. That’s mine.

I had posts started for last week. Since I use my blog as a sort of “diary,” I’ll be posting them after I clean them up a bit. Don’t think your reader or feed is messed up if I have a few days with multiple posts.

Casper Pretending To Be Sleeping Mommy

Mommy looked like this last week…except she usually made it to her bed before zonking out.

A little rest is a good thing.

Nikki Pretending To Be Sleeping Mommy

Mommy looked like this last week…except she can’t do this super fancy twisty leg move. She’s not that bendy.

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December 17

Saving Stamps


Casper Saving Stamps

Casper here to say the Christmas cards are coming in and we want to tell you something really cool.

Stamps For Greyhounds

Our mommy’s friend, Sue (Polly’s mommy), of Graceful Greyhounds, collects used stamps for the Retired Greyhounds Trust in the United Kingdom. They are able to get money for them. If you find yourself with used stamps from your Christmas card piles (or anytime during the year), we would love to have them to send to Sue. Contact our mommy at and she’ll give you our address so you can send us stamps to help the UK houndies.

Thank you!

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December 10

Merrick Hungry Dog Super Value Pack


Casper Hungry Dog Review 1

Casper here with our review of Merrick Hungry Dog Super Value Pack from

Hungry Dog Super Value Pack

This value pack is super! Here are a few of the reasons why they’re so good:

  • Contains regional, farm fresh ingredients
  • Made without artificial colors or preservatives
  • Same high-quality ingredients as all Merrick treats
  • Budget-friendly treats for dogs of all age

Casper Hungry Dog Review 3

Take a look in the bag.

Inside Of Bag

See! All kinds of lovely animal bits.

Casper Hungry Dog Review 2

You know what’s extra nice, especially if you have a lot of doggies in the house like we do? This big bag of treats is priced very reasonable because it is filled with an assortment of Merrick treats that didn’t quite make the cut because they are misshapen or slightly undersized. Same great quality ingredients and taste for the budget-minded pups in your life.

Take it from me…Merrick Hungry Dog Super Value Pack is a winner!

Thank you, for asking us to do this review. We received a free Merrick Hungry Dog Super Value Pack for an honest rating from Freedom, Casper and Nikki.

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December 5

Special Announcement


Back in June, I wrote about a sweet houndie named Dotti who was severely injured when she ran into a wire. For a while, I had a donation link on my sidebar. If you made a contribution to Dotti, please contact me at as the contributions did not get to Dotti. On a happy note…Dotti is doing well and has recovered from her injury.

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December 3

Kittie Nip Nap Matz


I noticed that Baggy and Nin, over at The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles, had a cool new sleeping mat from Mollie & Alfie’s Shop…the Kittie Nip Nap Matz. They wrote a post about it and gave it a 4 paws out of 4 rating. With such high praise, I was interested in getting one for Twinkie.

Kittie Nip Nap Matz

It is made out of super cute fabric with colorful cartoon kittens AND it has catnip in it. I placed it on the love seat and Twinkie immediately took up occupancy. She rolled on it, slobbered on it, loved on it and finally laid down.

Twinke & Her Kittie Nip Nap Matz

Days later, the Kittie Nip Nap Matz is still a favorite place to take a nap. Twinkie seconds Baggy and Nin’s rating and gives it a 4 paws out of 4 rating.

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October 29

Nutro Crunchy Treats


This month, we’re reviewing Nutro Crunchy Real Apple Dog Treats from They contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Awesome!

Nutro Crunchy Treats

Key Benefits

  • Made with real apples
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made with healthy whole grains, such as whole brown rice and oatmeal
  • No wheat, no corn
  • Made in the USA

Apparently, our mom has no ability when it come to taking “receiving treats” photos. But she always seems to have the camera handy when we’re trying to sleep.

Freedom Sleeping Treats Review


This is not the way I feel about receiving treats to review. I get very excited about treats.

Sincerely, Freedom

Casper Sleeping Treats Review

Dear Nutro,

This was not my reaction to your fabulous treats. They were delish!

Sincerely, Casper

Nikki Sleeping Treats Review

Dear What Remains Now Readers,

We loved the treats. Our mom is just a lame picture-taker. The treats were super yummy.

Sincerely, Nikki

Thank you, for asking us to do this review. We received a free bag of Nutro Crunchy Real Apple Dog Treats for doing this review, but our opinions are always our opinions. We cannot be bought. Well, we probably can be bought. If you have a huge offer you’d like to make, please feel free to tell us about it.

Sincerely, Freedom, Casper & Nikki

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October 22

Mini-Me Theatre – Charm School


Welcome to Mini-Me Theatre.

In our first episode, a package arrived. When the mini-me houndies opened it, they discovered Mini-Me Twinkie was joining the family.

In our second episode, the mini-me houndies learned that Mini-Me Twinkie’s manners left a lot to be desired.

The story continues…

After discovering that Mini-Me Twinkie’s attitude wasn’t the best, the mini-me houndies asked Mini-Me Twinkie if she would like to go to charm school. Mini-Me Twinkie agreed.

MMT Charm School 1

“Welcome Mini-Me Twinkie.”

MMT Charm School 2

“We will be your instructors at Mini-Me Houndies Charm School For Unrepentent Kitties.”

MMT Charm School 3

“I must be in mini-me hell.”

MMT Charm School 4

“Let’s begin by learning to become a mini-me lady. A mini-me lady says pleasant and complimentary things to acquaintances. For example…’Mini-Me Twinkie, you look very pretty with your attractive red neck ribbon. It’s a very fresh look.’ Now you try.”

MMT Charm School 5

“Mini-Me Freedom, roses are red, violets are blue, God made me smart, what happened to you?”

MMT Charm School 6

“Alright, we’ll continue to work on being complimentary. Now Mini-Me Twinkie, a mini-me lady always says ‘May I,’ not ‘Can I.’ For example…’Mini-Me Twinkie, may I help you get to know some of the other students?’ Now you try.”

MMT Charm School 7

“Mini-Me Nikki, may I ask you a question? Are your parents siblings?”

MMT Charm School 8

The mini-me houndies decided that perhaps social conventions weren’t the best place to start. They decided to focus on education.

“Mini-Me Twinkie, a mini-me lady is educated and reads the classics.”

MMT Charm School 9

“‘Thou mangled toad-spotted lewdster!’ That’s Shakespeare.”

MMT Charm School 10

If not literary pursuits, perhaps the language arts.

“Mini-Me Twinkie, a mini-me lady learns to speak French or Italian.”

MMT Charm School 11

“Mini-Me Twinkie! Hand over that book!”

MMT Charm School 12

In a last desperate attempt, the mini-me houndies hoped the culinary arts would appeal to Mini-Me Twinkie. Kitties are known for their finicky eating habits.

“Mini-Me Twinkie, a mini-me lady cultivates a sophisticated palate.”

MMT Charm School 13

“Is Mini-Me Freedom eating the poop out of my litter box again?”

MMT Charm School 14

The mini-me houndies realized they had their work cut out for them.

MMT Charm School 15

To be continued…

The mini-me’s are custom handmade by Lynne of  Dip-Dip and the Bridge. Want a mini-me of your own? Contact Lynne at and she’ll give you the details.

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October 19

Farewell, Mr. Pip


Our friend, Pip, went to the Rainbow Bridge today. Pip was always one of the first pets to rush over to a new blog and say, “Hello! Welcome to Blogville.” We had the pleasure of being part of Pip’s Bucket World Tour. All of our memories of Pip are sweet.

Mr Pip, Forever

Farewell, friend. You will be deeply missed and never forgotten. We love you, Pip.

Our comments are turned off. To leave a message for Pip’s family, please visit Pip’s blog…Pip Gets Back In The Game.

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October 15

Galgos Del Sol


Blog The Change

I’m participating in Blog the Change for Animals. Bloggers are invited to write about a cause near and dear to their hearts, so I decided to write about an organization I follow that works tirelessly on behalf of animals, particularly Galgos. The organization is Galgos Del Sol.

Galgos Del Sol

Here’s a little information…”The Galgo Español or Spanish Greyhound is an ancient breed and a member of the sighthound family. Despite being called a ‘greyhound,” the Spanish Galgo is not closely related to the English or Irish Greyhound, the lineage of the two breeds being different. Bred solely for hunting, thousands of Galgos are abandoned or killed annually at the end of each short season. Galgos are not typically considered as pet worthy in Spain and their lives end in less than humane ways either in perreras (kill stations) or abandoned to a life of persecution on the streets.”

Galgo Del Sol is working not only to rescue animals but also to change hearts and minds. They are on the frontlines and I admire all the work they do to make the world a more humane place.

Want to learn more? Check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

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